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There’s a lovely little town in Ontario that is a favourite of mine, it’s full of quaint little shops and heritage buildings and I love spending time there.

This little beauty is Fulford Preperator College in Merrickville and was a joy to create.

I have had no formal training in perspective but have read some books and was feeling brave enough to tackle this en plein air (painting outside).

I started by deciding just how much of the building I wanted to capture and then went about figuring out the scale in my head.

Then I layed out the format on paper with a pencil and once that felt right I went over the outline with my waterproof pen and added the details.

Up next was adding the colour, I have to say that I’m really pleased with the fact that I accomplished this much in just a morning.

I’m enjoying this new technique (well newish for me anyway) of working with both fine liners and watercolour, the results that I achieve have a illustrated feel that I quite enjoy.

Looking forward to more creative adventures in the future.

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