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Black and Blue...

Feeling a little frustrated because I've hurt my right hand and I can't wield a creative implement (& I'm not feeling bold enough to try and create with my left hand), so I'm exercising my creative juices by sharing some thoughts on some older pieces.

The one thing that each of these paintings have in common (apart from the artist i.e me) is my favourite paint colour Payne's Gray by Winsor and Newton. It comes out of the tube a shimmering, velvety, delicious shade of black but is quite magical when you paint with it (well it makes me happy) what makes it so special is the combination of brown and blue that gives me a lovely warm shade of grey and that sometimes separates on the paper leaving distinctly blue or brown aspects to the painting. Five of the paintings featured here are painted exclusively with Payne's Gray.

In clockwise order starting at the bottom right, you can probably tell that the woolly bull is one of my earlier paintings, he doesn't quite have the application of colour or the glint in his eye that I've managed to capture in the other creature creations featured here.

Second from the right on the bottom row, is a study of pebbles and I really enjoy creating the texture and shading required to achieve a sense of form and depth. I also think it's quite appropriate that the shades in this one resemble the healing process as my hand is less black and blue now but showing some lovely shades of green and yellow (gotta love a bruise).

Second from the left is a Blue Staffy puppy, otherwise know as a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Challenging to raise a puppy but the joy that they bring and the love that they share is the best. Painting this brought many memories of my doggo's and that always stops me feeling blue.

Bottom left is my party animal Ruthy, I've never known a dog be such a beer hound. You couldn't have a can of beer without her nudging your hand with that lovely cold nose! Such a wise old soul I had to capture the grey chops around her muzzle.

Top left is a Yak from the Himalayas, I feel that I can see progression since the Woolly Bully and can just imagine the great big Yak tongue licking that big wet shiny nose.

You know the pattern by now and so up next is something a little different, this lacy leaf peony was created using a fine-liner and that favourite of mine Payne's Gray, I wanted to design something that had a tattooesque quality to it and while it's seemingly simplistic it required attention to get the shading and depth.

The penultimate painting was a great conversation starter when I featured it in an art show earlier this year, it brought many smiles to many faces and as an artist to see that reaction is something very special indeed. I for one think of having to get the glass cleaner out to get the nose drool off (dog owners you know what I'm talking about).

Last but by no means least is my walking belly Harry, his true passions in life are food, chasing squirrels and catching balls and though he's grey around the chops he will never be as clever as Ruthy but he makes me smile everyday and you can't ask for more than that.

So while my hand is still in a cast my mood is brightened, if you enjoy any of these paintings you can order prints or framed prints as shown through the "Other links" tab above, or if you want to find out more or would like an original please contact me through the "About" tab above.


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