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Cuddles in the Nursery

It’s become a bit of a tradition that when a colleague is expecting that I paint a teddybear for their little bundle of joy.

Today I had the pleasure of delivering these two paintings to some friends from work.

The first is for a very very special couple who I have had the pleasure of calling them both colleagues. This week they welcomed twin girls into the world, they are clearly going to be well loved by a very lovely couple.

They are fraternal twins so I tried to create two similar teddy bears that were different but yet I tried to capture the affection and connection that twins share.

The reaction to this today from that the Mom to be that is expecting her first was priceless!

Every baby bump is a sign of future potential and a joyful future. Heres to future picnics (of the teddy bear variety of course) to imaginary friends, to future paintings stuck to the the fridge (made of pasta and buttons) & to the joy of creating just because you can! We often lose that as adults and that’s a shame.

I wish each and everyone that has a wee babe a healthy and happy future!

It makes my day to hear that my paintings will grace the walls of nurseries.


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