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My Creative Space.... Or so the theory goes.

Anyone who has a creative instinct knows that you can’t force yourself to be inspired but you can set up a lovely spot in which to create.

During the the summer months I rarely paint inside, (unless the conditions just are not cooperating) so this room has been waiting for me to return and has basically been a storage spot for the art supplies and pieces I have exhibited recently.

Summer is over and while I am sure that I will have the chance to paint outside this fall I thought it was time to get my studio ready for my return.

So why the tag line, or so the theory goes? Well I am very organized in my professional life and so I allow myself to be free with my creative dabblings (thanks to my hubby for his understanding) that when the mood takes me I will grab my art stuff and start creating.

I’m a social creature so I will often paint while he watches TV just so I can be in the room with him.

Anyhoo, here’s a glimpse into my updated studio. One wall is full of original artwork and prints by local artists and friends art that I admire and the other wall is my own art.

Do you love to surround yourself in art?

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