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Painting En Plein Air

There is something charming and yet challenging about painting outside. The weather is but one thing to consider, here in Canada we also have to deal with getting eaten alive by mosquitoes.

I have a humble art kit full of the essential gear to create outside (more about that another time) but all the supplies in the world won’t make a painting. That takes patience and practice & sometimes  no matter how much you want to create it just doesn’t happen.  

I am fortunate to be a member of a very supportive art group that meets up weekly to paint together and each of us have days where it goes fantastically and we are pleased with our work & other days...well, not so much. 

My latest foray into the great outdoors with my art gear was an interesting one, I wouldn’t say that either of these are my greatest work but I managed to create 2 distinctly different pieces, which surprised me a little bit. 

If you need a creative outlet in life, pick up a pencil or a paint brush and see what happens, you might just surprise yourself!

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