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Branching out.

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

Nothing says summer like basking in the shade of a beautiful tree. I can get lost in the shapes and patterns that the leaves make as the wind gentle rustles its way through the branches. Calmness and peaceful thoughts are much easier to attain when you take the time to reflect on the nature and beauty that surrounds us.

With this in mind I branched out (sorry) into my latest endeavor of watercolour and pen.

First up I created the sketch, this is a newish style for me and I challenge myself by not using a pencil or an eraser. If I make a mistake I just have to go with it and hope that it turns into a happy accident.

Next I set up my pallet, my pots of water, my brushes and in this instance my phone to capture a time lapse of my work in progress.

If you choose to look closely you can see that I start with water and then I load my brush with paint ready to add colour, I'm aiming for texture and varying tones so I add a few different colours while the paper is still wet.

The colour will only go as far as I have put the water as long as I haven't over wet the paper or I don't inadvertently smear my hand through the paint (which of course has happened) there are many techniques but this is one that I have found works for me.

Finding the time to create is not always easy but it's always worth it, whether the outcome if fantastic isn't always the case but the state of mind that get to whilst creating totally is. I don't normally consider myself to be a patient person but yet somehow my art has taught me patience and to make time for myself and enjoy the process.

I shall leave this here (sorry again) and wish you all a peaceful and relaxing day!

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