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Peaceful Reflections

Spent a day and a bit creating this big painting knowing all along that I was going to cut it up into smaller pieces to create a series of minis to gift to some members of my team.

I must admit it was quite cathartic to take a pair of scissors and cut it up, all too often as an artist (& I’m sure that I’m not alone here) I catch myself wondering when to stop or worse not starting something for fear of screwing it up.

Well my friends it’s important to remember that apart from the time I spent creating this it ultimately started off just as a piece of paper and leaving it blank for fear of ruining it is not allowing that paper the opportunity to fulfill its life destiny. Okay but seriously taking the time to plan out this and chopping it up into smaller paintings elisited the best reaction I could have hoped for when I gifted it & reminded me of the joy that I get from creating.

So fellow artist, hobbyists, doodlers or wannabes, do it, pick up that pencil and have at it, when it goes wrong chalk it down to practice and when it’s works remember that all the wrong attempts that helped you get to this point.

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