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Staying Creative.

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

You’re probably thinking that with all of this extra time on my hands I’m going to be creating all the time, well I’m afraid to say that you are mistaken.

Much like everyone else I’ve gotten into a routine and am keeping myself busy and managing to get some exercise in daily, but with all of the fear and concern over Covid19 I just haven’t felt like being creative.

Well that changed a little today and I not only managed to get my art gear out and create I also started a new Instagram account and added a new section to my website to help others get creative.

It‘s in its infancy right now but perhaps it will blossom into something bigger down the road, and if not well it’s got me motivated to keep creating.

If you want to have a play yourself check out @colouringpagesbykirsty on Instagram or

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