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The evolution of my art world.

My YouTube content is evolving and I’m quite proud of myself.

As you guys know (or perhaps you don’t if you’re new to my page). I’ve been working with watercolour for a few years now and for the past couple of years, my style has evolved to including fineliner.

I had some nice comments from friends about colouring books, so I started something along those lines (downloadable colouring pages, free for now) find these just under the About tab👆.

Part of that evolution was me needing to get better at digital art, so I’ve been playing with all kinds of video editing and learning more about Procreate on the iPad, it can take a while to get better so I thought perhaps others would appreciate some quick tips.

Most of the instructional content on YouTube are videos that are over 10 minutes long, this ones just over a minute long, so it’s fairly digestible and won’t take forever to watch. (Though I can’t promise that you won’t get sucked into the wormhole that is YouTube).

Now none of this is making me a more successful artist, (in respect of traditional art being purchased) but it’s all a part of my journey and the inspiration that I use to keep me motivated.

I’ve taken too many breaks from art in my life and must say that it’s very calming and cathartic to be able to create.

If you have any ideas for video content, I’d love to hear them or if you want to contact me about anything else you can find a link to contact me through the about tab at the top 👆.

Please feel free to share the videos, to subscribe or just check it out as and when the mood takes you.

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