Watercolour Snippets

Many people have asked me about my technique, it’s often hard to put into words, so through the power of technology & social media I decided to try and show how I paint. Many watercolour instructional video’s are quite lengthy so I thought perhaps some short timelapse vid’s would be interesting to some people.

I plan on mostly instructional snippets but have been playing around with video editing and creating trailers was a feature that I just too fun not to share once. A little bit of sillyness while I practise can’t hurt too much, and I was able to include a lot of examples of my creations.

So here it is, my introduction to my very own YouTube channel, I hope that it will evolve and become something that people both enjoy and find helpful. Please feel free to share the videos, to subscribe or just check it out as and when the mood takes you.


Kirsty Topps

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