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What do you do with all your art?

Here's a question that I'm sure many artists have heard, well I'll be honest I'd love to say that I've sold it all but that's of course not the case, a few pieces grace the homes of those that like my style, a few pieces have been gifted to friends and family while others wait in my studio for their day to come....

Now exactly what their day is is another story, some of them are reference purely for me to refer back to and see my growth, some are in a pile of paintings that I intend to frame and include in future shows while others are immortalized on this site, on society6 and shopvida on a selection of products.

It's interesting to see my pieces on these two sites as there are so many amazing choices from other stunning artists, I find it intriguing to see my art applied onto products and it inspires me to keep trying and of course it's good exposure for my artist stylings.

Perhaps it's because it's back to school season that I thought I'd share these with you? I have yet to sell a backpack but love the way that these pieces look when transformed onto these packs.

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